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Toolkit for Collaborative Teaching Teams

17 July 2020 (school holidays)

Toolkit for Collaborative Teaching Teams

Are your collaborative teaching teams equipped with the tools and skills they need to be successful in a modern learning environment?

Modern learning environments have the potential to create exciting opportunities for students but, as many schools are finding, their open and flexible nature demands sophisticated teacher teamwork and communication skills.

Teachers bring their individual philosophies, personalities, workstyle preferences, strengths and weaknesses to their work. These need to be constructively focused into a coherent teacher-team approach if students are to thrive in these shared environments.

This workshop will present a range of highly effective practical tools and strategies to ensure that teachers can be their best in these teams. It will focus on three key areas central to the team’s success

  1. Forming the team – Setting up the foundations for success

Creating foundation agreements in terms of the team’s purpose and ways it will work. This targets four core areas of agreement (WHY, HOW, WHAT & WHO) necessary for the team to have unity of purpose and approach.

  1. Building a team culture which makes diversity a strength – Working well together

Agreeing the ways people will need to relate and treat each other if they are able to work in the learner, flexible, strength based and problem-solving team mind-set essential to the team being at its best. Practical tools to help the team recognise each other’s core strengths and weaknesses and work with diversity will be offered.

  1. Communication Capabilities and Tools – Monitoring progress & addressing issues

Pinpoints the key communication areas of listening, speaking-up and problem solving essential for the team to be innovative, united and able to work through challenges. The course will offer

- Three unique “Communication Dashboards” which give the team the frameworks and skilful language necessary to deal with a variety of team situations.

- Practical tools and to monitor and measure team effectiveness. (Check-ins, stock takes, ‘temperature checks’)

- Simple practical problem solving tools such as ‘Orange Card’ meetings for dealing with problems.

This workshop will be active, very practical and fast paced and is suitable for leaders and collaborative team members.


NB: Courses will be confirmed by email and an invoice sent to school. Payment is required prior to course. Withdrawal will incur $50.00 admin fee per enrolment. No refund if withdrawal is within 10 days of course. Substitutions can be made.


Date: Friday 17 July (Holidays).    9.00am - 3.00pm
Target Group: Teachers and Leaders - Primary and Secondary  
Investment: $250 + GST
Venue: Mana Cruising Club, Pascoe Ave, Mana

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Mark Sweeney

Mark works in both education and private sectors and is able to bring you a unique blend of current educational and

organisational development thinking, to ensure this course puts you at the Leading Edge. Mark has worked as a

primary teacher, an HOD Secondary, a College of Education and University lecturer.

His work focuses on what makes quality leadership and effective teaching. Mark’s workshop style is highly active and interactive with a strong emphasis on practical application.


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